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Product list

  • Resistors(SMD)


  • BMS Platform for 16S_30S Battery Pack

    Description:HWT-PC30-001 is a BMS platform for 16S_30 battery packs which used for LEV (light electric vehicles). It is designed with High-Side, separated CHG and DSG MOSFET Loops topology, which can support the requirement of “Stop discharging During Charging”. The BMS Board implements with HWT’s “Inno-Safety” BMS Technology. This supports Power-On Soft-Start, which can efficiently limit the inrush current induced by MOSFET turning ON instantly to apply battery voltage on the input capacitor of motor controller, and System Loop Short Circuit Pre-Detection to prevent outputing power to external devices which has short-circuit issue. HWT-PC30-001 supports many communication interfaces including Isolated-UART/Isolated-RS232 or RS485, and CANBus with Bluetooth port, so that user can use the fashioned APP-based HMI (Human Interface) on the smartphone to monitor the BMS information and status.