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Taipei International Automobile & Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Show-Product list


Product list

  • Pore Core

    Description:In the Automotive Ignition System, at every usual driver’s step on the gas pedal, the car ECU sends a signal to have the ignition coil informed. Power Core includes super capacitor. When it comes to alternator section, due to parallel Power Core, the instantaneous demand for ignition system will be made up by Power Core. It is not necessary to adjust the generator boost by a slower regulator. The max current in Power Core is 273A. The max current of Power Core can be used as the complement of the generator to adjustment of the speed to the upmost condition and the shortage of the car battery power. With Power Core, generator will work more efficiently and smoothly to achieve fuel economy purpose. Accurate magnetization provides high battery power to provide spark plug ignition. With high efficiency of spark plug ignition, it will enhance the performance of the automobile amplification and the ability of ignition of the cylinder of gasoline. Efficient combustion helps the explosion to propel the cylinder, providing more power and perfect the performance of the engine to the automobile.

  • BatterCloud

    Description:Battery manufacturers Battery manufacturers may ensure quality of batteries by BatterCloud database and reduce the risks of battery defects. The battery munufactures can guarentee the consumers the quality and warranty of every battery. Automobile manufacturers Through the serial number of battery, automobile manufacturers can realize the sales preformance. Automobile manaufacturers also may discover battery abnormal status. Vehicle maintenance With battery data from BatterCloud, specialists of garage may understand a customer’s battery life history and the usage details in a short time. Recycle Plant Setting on batteries when manufactured, and removed when battery is no longer available. Environmental departments This data may help environmental departments to understand the whole battery using process. Environmental departments make sure that the polution will not occur and the earnth will be protected from pollution. Human beings will surely have“wonderful lives” generation to generation.